Sunday, March 8, 2009

Social Networks

Facebook and MySpace are two of the prominent social networks on the Web today. Both are free and allow people to connect with others across the nation or around the world. People connect with friends or groups of people who have similar interests. Both Facebook and MySpace have users create a profile of themselves. The major difference between the two is that Facebook allows the user to choose who can view his or her profile giving the user more privacy whereas on MySpace anyone can view another user's profile and make comments for all viewers to read. Most of the users on MySpace tend to be teens. Facebook users tend to be adults.

A library can use either Facebook or MySpace to connect with its patrons. My choice would be Facebook. The library can post programs and events that are happening at the library. It's one way of "going green" and reaching more people at the same time.

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  1. Wonderful comments! I like Facebook much better than MySpace, which I think is mostly for kids and teenagers....
    Keep up the great work friend!